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Dole Owner Says a Pineapple a Day (& 32 other foods) Keeps Doctor Away

What? No Buffalo Wings?!?

Interesting column on the Huffington Post from Donald Murdock, chairman and owner of the Dole Food company. Apparently he was on Oprah recently touting his healthy eating and excercise habits, which makes me think that this may be old news by now. Sorry, I missed that episode (along with every other single episode of Oprah).

Anyway, Donald lists 33 of the Healthiest Foods on Earth in this column, and not surprisingly, Pineapple is on the top of the list. Although I assume he’s talking about fresh pineapple, and not the overly sweetened confection that comes out of a can of Dole.

Nonetheless, it’s hard to argue with the results. The guy is 86; eats nothing but fruits, vegetables and fish; and looks great. But looking over the list, which does not have any surprises, (Wow, fruits and vegetables are good for you?!? Who knew?), it reminds me that eating well isn’t so much of an issue of knowing WHAT to eat, but HOW to get it. I’d love to eat nothing but healthy, ripe fruit and veggies every day; but I work for a living and the fast-food fruit shack isn’t within walking distance of my office.

But hey, the reminder of what I should eat is helpful. Now, if only there was a list of the 33 jobs I could take that require me to do little more than shop for produce while paying me 7 figures.


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