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Oh Now Come On! Now Vitamins are Bad for You?!?!

Hey. Note to all you medical researchers out there:

For gods sakes make up your &%#@! minds!

A recent study suggests that, at least for people who exercise, taking anti-oxidant vitamins like C (a personal favorite) and E can actually have a negative impact on your body.

Specifically, when you exercise your body’s muscles metabolize glucose and in the process releases highly reactive oxygen molecules (and you know what they say about “highly reactive oxygen molecules!)

Well, Idon’t know, but apparently they begin attacking anything in site and this is what leads to your body’s aging or better said, deterioration. But your body has a natural reaction to this process and when you exercise it’s very effective.

However, anti-oxidants actually inhibit your body’s natural reaction because they essentially take the place of this natural process, enabling your body to take the day off; but your body’s natural reaction is much more effective than the anti-oxidants pills.

So, bottom-line, if you exercise, and you should, let your body do the Anti-oxidizing.

The worst part about this? It actually makes sense.

“If you exercise to promote health, you shouldn’t take large amounts of antioxidants,” Dr. Ristow said. A second message of the study, he said, “is
that antioxidants in general cause certain effects that inhibit otherwise positive effects of exercise, dieting and other interventions.” The findings appear in this week’s issue of The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


HEALTH / RESEARCH May 12, 2009 Vitamins Found to Curb Exercise Benefits
By NICHOLAS WADE Antioxidants appear to short-circuit a natural response by the body.

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