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More Caffiene Therapy: Coffee may reverse Alzheimers & prevent Multiple Sclerosis

We’ve posted in the past about the wonders of caffeine, (or at least my wonderment of coffee); and today comes more good news for coffee drinkers.

Out of Florida (but don’t let that dissuade you) comes research that mice given Caffeine compared to mice given just water performed “much better” (a scientific measurement, apparently, in Florida) on memory tests.
What is more fascinating however, is that the mice tested — 55 in all– were all determined to have some level of memory failure. How this was induced, we’re not sure; however, researchers said that the mice in the study represented the typical memory loss of a 70 year old human.

However, after only a few months of consuming the equivalent of 5 cups of coffee a day (also equivalent to a couple espresso’s or, if you prefer, 20 soft drinks), the mice with the caffeine showed improvement. Also, the caffeinated mice showed a dramatic, 50% decrease in beta amyloid protein, which forms destructive clumps in the brains of dementia patients.

This means caffeine or black coffee (in bed or otherwise) actually retards the effect of dementia, not just prevents it.

Caffeine is also effective against Multiple Sclerosis.
In other news that I missed from more than a year ago.

Mice given the caffeine equivalent of six to eight cups of coffee a day were protected from developing experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), the animal model for the human disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS). All this from researchers at Cornell University.

According to researchers, “Caffeine is a well-known adenosine receptor blocker,” (you all knew that of course!). Researchers believe results show the importance of this molecule in permitting the infiltration of immune cells into the central nervous system of patients with MS.

Now, this doesn’t explain how MS occurs in some patients (i.e., this fool) who have been drinking 5 to 10 cups of coffee every day since about 18 year’s of age; but at least I have one vice I can still maintain.


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