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As a “romantic” (in the historical sense), I’m viscerally repelled by the thought of two people genetically testing themselves to learn what, if any, “defects” their off-springs may have; however, as a father who has Multiple Sclerosis

, I bear a tremendous burden and responsibility (and guilt) should either of my two boys develop the disease or any other serious autoimmune disorder.

So, it was with “optimistic skepticism” I read this piece in the New York Times about a company, Counsyl, that offers genetic tests for couples to learn if their children will be afflicted with any serious diseases. If so, “call off the wedding band” or, as they suggest, try in vitro fertilization with genetically tested embryos.

The tests costs just north of $700 for a couple. Embryo testing prior to in vitro is $3000.  You see where they’re going here.

Having said that, the ability to avoid the pain and suffering caused by some illnesses such as muscular dystrophy or cystic fibrosis is well worth the cost–assuming the test works.

As the company’s president, Ramji Srinivasan, 28, says,

“One of our goals is to make this like the home pregnancy test.”

More info here

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