50/2/50 – Day 11: Balancing Work and Everything Else

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Stupid Work!

Stupid Office It keeps taking up so much of my time. How am I suppose to get anything done?!?

Today was unfortunately full (or is it fool?) of meetings, fires that needed to be put out and a bus ride that was delayed by a phantom bus that failed to make it’s run, delaying my already 90 minute commute by another 30 minutes.

A trip to the Orthodontist to see my son get a new load of metal in his mouth and by the time we got home, the day was gone and I was exhausted. “Screw it, open the bottle of wine.”

To enjoy the wine, however, Margaret and I threw together a new dish (for us), and I suppose for anyone as we made it up out of whole cloth.

Vegan Recipe: Stir fry over egg-less lo mein (noodles). Take the usual suspects out of your fridge and chop them into bite sized chunks. Stir fry them in a wok or large saute pan with some olive or sesame seed oil. Add some heat in either red pepper flakes or cayenne. I had a small serrano pepper (very hot), chopped finely.  Cook that with salt, garlic and black pepper. Add some tofu and mushrooms at the end (don’t put them in too soon or they’ll fall apart). Place the veggies into a colander to drain and cook the noodles in a half cup of vegetable broth. (Don’t over cook, it’s about  minute.) Take them out when they’re still a bit stiff (they’ll soften). Dress the veggies with an Asian Dressing of rice wine vinegar and sesame oil. (I’d give you the recipe for that, but I poured it from the bottle so, do that…go to the store and buy something that looks  good.)  Chop some lettuce or grab a handful of bagged arugula or herb salad, place it on the plate, top with the noodles and finish with a ladle or two of veggies.

Mixed Vegetable StirFry over Eggless Lo Mein
Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry (Chard, Peppers, Broccoli, Mushrooms, & Tofu) over egg-less lo mein and chopped salad.




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