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At the intersection of Diet & Disease is a train wreck called Inflammation

Here at Vegtosterone, we’re convinced that inflammation is a contributor, if not a cause, for the manifestation of many illnesses.

Back to inflammation. Clearly, diet, or that is, a poor diet has a huge impact on inflammation, and while we’ve understood which foods are some of the “usual suspects,” the ability to follow a strict, non-infammatory diet has so far eluded us.

To the rescue comes MELISSA BLAKE, a nutritional dietician (or we think that’s what “ND” stands for.) In reviewing some old notes, we came across an article penned by Melissa that provides a good outline for what foods to avoid (here’s a hint: sugar). I’ll leave it to her article to detail the specifics.


To access the article click on the link above or copy the address and paste it in your browser.



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