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What The…?!?! Sleep apnea may protect heart attack patients?

Under the heading: “You can’t believe everything you read because scientists keep changing their #$!?! minds!” Scientists in Israel have announced results of their recent study showing that patients who have had heart attacks–and presumably recovered– may actually benefit from mild to moderate sleep disordered breathing.

Sleep apnea may protect heart attack patients – The   Times of India.

This despite the fact that sleep apnea has long been considered a leading indicator, if not cause, for heart disease. Indeed, I’ve been told by doctors that sleep apnea is a major cause of not just heart disease, but a whole range of “bad things,” ranging from exhaustion to strokes.

So, how does sleep apnea help heart attack patients?

…it’s too much to try to figure it out this morning. You’re on your own. Read about it here.

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