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Why Go Vegan? Get Sick… or Get Ticks.

Happy New Year’s.

Why did I go Vegan?

In my case it was an illness. Well, actually two (2): Multiple Sclerosis and then Stomach Cancer.

And I consider myself incredibly lucky as a result. That is, I wish it hadn’t taken two potentially terminal illnesses to get me to see that eliminating meat and dairy from my diet not only helped me fight my illnesses, but also made me feel great. So far, I’ve lost 15 pounds, (two inches around my waist), I have more energy, and I look a hell of a lot better.

So, when I heard about this next story, I thought “this guy’s in luck.”

Over on Reddit, there’s a posting currently trending up the front page by a guy who claims that he was a committed Carnivore (as I was), but he was bitten by a tick, and as a result became allergic to meat.

See the following link: IAmA avid carnivore who was bitten by a tick in 2009 and became unknowingly allergic to meat. AMA.

For more information on the tick that makes you go Vegan here’s an article from ABC:

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