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Beyond Meat Grilled Chicken

Beyond Meat is right up my alley. It’s a company that produces the most realistic meat substitute product on the market; and its investors include venture capitalists Kleiner Perkins.

Beyond Meat licenses the process to produce the meat, interestingly enough, from the University of Missouri, where researchers have been able to create a soy product that not only “tastes like chicken,” but also has the texture and consistency of chicken.

The product, however, is hard to find. Currently only available in the prepared foods section of Whole Foods, the company sent out an email today  to subscribers to announce that they now have their retail packaged products available and will soon be sold nationwide.

Personally, I have tried this product, although not the Beyond Meat version. My wife runs a catering company, and she used to share  a commercial kitchen with a man who actually purchased the product direct from the University. He would then take the product and “jazz” it up for a local school district that wanted healthier food options; but I can tell you, it’s true. It breaks apart in your mouth just like chicken (and I tried it when I still ate meat.)

Like most vegans, I can take or leave fake meat products now because I find I can make other foods taste better than the products  currently on the market, but when Beyond Meat is available nearby (and hopefully NOT at a place run by this buffoon); I’ll be buying my fill.

Reimagine | Beyond Meat™.

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