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A word from the vegstrogen side of things today


And that would be from me, Maggie, Paul’s wife and partner in our plant-based eating for a year and a half now.

Above is a drawing of the hemoglobin molecule, the key protein to transporting oxygen all throughout your body. When Paul got to the hospital in December of 2011, his hemoglobin count was 3.2. A low count is considered to be 13.2 for men while 3.2 is just really, very bad.

After Paul got out of the hospital, his surgery extremely successful, he had a lot of soul-searching to do. As a man with two children still in high school and a wife, he wanted to figure out how to stick around longer. He started reading, Googling, researching anything and everything he could find on ‘why’ he found himself in the hospital with a bleeding tumor in his stomach.

The answer that kept popping up was ‘meat.’ We ate meat, and obviously too much. Paul was particularly stubborn about not wanting to stop eating meat when I had initially proposed that we do without it a few times a week. That was about seven years ago and I had been thinking about our hearts at that point, not cancer. Could I have been more insistent? Yes, but I was stupidly under the notion that we weren’t eating all that badly. We did eat our fruit and veg, but it wasn’t enough to combat the effects of the consumption of meat.

I can’t think of a cancer that exemplifies the adage, “you are what you eat,” any more than stomach cancer. If you need technical proof to back that up, here is an article from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, Meat Consumption and Cancer Risk.

It’d be one thing if we knew what we were eating when we went to the grocery store and grabbed a steak from the meat counter, but we simply don’t. We know it’s cow, but how did the cow live, roaming around on a farm or in a confined feedlot? How many antibiotics was it fed during its lifetime? What was it fed? (It’s not what you think.) How was the animal slaughtered? If you want to know, go look at the movie Vegucated on Netflix.

Does meat consumption lead to a decline in your health? Yes and we know it does from many sources like the American Heart Association. Simply put, we humans are poisoning ourselves with what we eat and sooner or later it will catch up with all of us. Take a lesson from what happened to us. You’ll live a longer and healthier life, I promise.

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