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What’s that you’re eating? Sometimes you just don’t know. Undeclared Milk in Vega One Bars.

Ironic tag line for a company that has admitted it produced products with unlabeled milk.

Like my recent discovery that Guinness is neither Vegan nor Vegetarian, Vega, maker of a number of plant-based nutritional food products has had to recall some of its products because they have milk in them, and weren’t labeled.

In defense of the folks at Guinness, who make an alcoholic beverage that never promised a plant-based, nutritional product, Vega actually DOES!

From their website:

Told from the onset that a plant-based diet wouldn’t cut it on the professional Ironman circuit, Brendan Brazier’s nutritional journey as an uninformed plant-powered endurance athlete began with reduced energy levels and the need to eat constantly.

But Brendan’s stubborn curiosity persevered and after years of research and experimentation, he discovered what sets a top athlete’s performance apart from the competition isn’t training or natural ability alone.  A big difference is nutrition. After intense study, Brendan created a plant-based, whole food diet that helped him recover faster and train harder – propelling him to become a top professional Ironman triathlete.

Disingenuous to say the least for ethical Vegans, and flat-out dangerous for people who eat a plant-based diet for health reasons–or to avoid allergies, I struggle to understand how, or if, a company like this survives this wonderful PR stunt.

What’s the lesson?

Well, for Vega, we could care less, but they probably need to reach out to their base and plead mercy.

For the rest of us, it’s a great example of why–whether you’re a Vegan, Vegetarian or Flexatarian–that you need to avoid processed foods as much as possible. If you didn’t make it yourself, you really don’t know.

Not that you should become paranoid about it, and sometimes, it’s hard to balance life, work and food prep without being a bit anal, if not OCD.

But when it doubt, if you need a “boost” for your workout, grab an apple.


Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts > Vega Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Milk in Vega One Bars and Vega Sport Protein Bars.

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