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A little gut busting with Gut Busters.


A comment we saw while reading something, somewhere on the Internets brought up this book and specifically the diet in this book. Now if you’re like us (in need of reducing the gut a bit) and are curious (we are) then this book is a great purchase. We found it on Amazon.

It reinforces everything we’ve been reading and doing in our lives regarding our diet–except we have substituted the animal protein for plant protein. Reinforcement is a good thing, so we’re passing it on to you.

Ms. Vedral’s book was published in 1992 and is an excellent resource for helping us guys (or gals) bust the gut. You middle-aged men (and women) know what we’re talking about; that spread that wasn’t there in your 40’s is there now, despite your healthy eating, age has crept up on your stomach and has stayed there.

Time to bust the gut.

The diet plan, which can easily be modified to vegan or vegetarian (since it’s mostly vegetables and grains in the first place, along with lean proteins) is easy to follow and the exercises are standard crunches, sit-ups and leg-raises.

We’re into Week One of focusing on our abs while still keeping up our aerobic activity and weights and we’ve noticed an improvement. Now, if a 50-year old guy with Multiple Sclerosis and a cancer survivor can do this, we know you can too.


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