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Eat This: Review of Veggie Grill’s Veggie-Steak and Chickin’ Tacos.

Veggie Grill's new tacos.
Veggie Grill’s new tacos; fresh and delicious.

We headed over to our local Veggie Grill this past Tuesday and took advantage of their Taco ‘Bout Tuesday special. We highly recommend you try one of their new tacos for $1 with the purchase on an entree–or even better, buy the taco entree instead. We tried two, the chickin’ taco (bottom of photo) and the veggie-steak.

All we have to say is they were pretty damn good. In fact, they were so good we have decided, as a family, that this will be our usual order for a while to come. They really were that tasty and trust you us, we’ve eaten our fair share of tacos, both pre and post switch to a plant-based diet.

The Veggie Grill tacos are packed with big flavor. The faux chicken was brightly spiced, juicy and as my 16-year old son said, “could’ve fooled me.”

The veggie-steak was equally as delicious and frankly, we couldn’t decide which we liked better.

Since we didn’t know what was supposed to be on the tacos, we didn’t have any pre-conceived notions. We can’t be sure, since we devoured the tacos within 30 seconds of getting them, but we don’t think the chickin’ taco came with all the toppings as described:

  • Chickin’ Tacos, $9.95: Sautéed Chickin’, Mexican spices, cabbage, roasted corn salsa, white corn tortillas, with mashed avocado and tomato salad
  • Veggie-Steak Tacos, $9.95: Grilled veggie-steak with Mexican spices, pickled cabbage slaw, white corn tortillas, with mashed avocado, and tomato salad

The veggie-steack taco toppings were dressed (the cabbage was perfectly pickled) and that made all the difference in that all-important first bite. The toppings on the chickin’ taco lacked seasoning, but the marinade of the chickin’ made up for it.

Veggie Grill's veggie-steak taco.
Veggie Grill’s veggie-steak taco.

Although a very small complaint, along with pricing (we wish everything was just 10% lower overall) Veggie Grill has done an excellent job at making all its offerings completely plant based, so no worries about any animal products, cholesterol or trans-fats. And the tacos were crazy delicious.

Veggie Grill's chickin' taco. Really, really good.
Veggie Grill’s chickin’ taco. Really, really good.

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