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Eat This: Vegan Bangers, Fries, Beer and “Top Gear.”

One of our favorites is the Field Roast company and their smoked apple sage bangers or sausages. Here they are with side order of sweet potato “fries” and ketchup or yellow mustard “dipping” sauce.

The fries were a cheat. They came already made from Trader Joe’s and baked (not fried) in the oven for about 30 minutes until crispy–ish. The bangers were seared then we added some onions to caramelize and then deglaze the whole thing with a cup of Sam Adams Summer Ale, which we then let simmer until almost all evaporated.

Bangers, Fries and Remotes

It’s served with the rest of the beer, two remote controls and the latest episode of Top Gear.

Jeremy Clarkson
Buffoon in Ferrari

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