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We run on plants–literally.


For us, one of the best pieces of evidence that our plant based diet is doing us a huge world of good is the fact that we’re running again. That’s right, hitting the pavement, several times a week. Imagine that, a 50-year old cancer and MS survivor–jogging. And I owe it all to my diet.

The last time we (my wife and I) were running regularly was before I was diagnosed with MS, that was eight years ago. After that, exercise just became too painful for me. I think Margaret just had sympathy pains and simply stopped too–we are exercise partners as well.

Then something happened after we switched to our plant based diet. We both gained energy that we thought was gone forever. I lost enough of the MS pain (but alas, not the nerve damage) where I wanted to go out and exercise.

Along with that energy came one of the other best benefits: weight loss. Exercise got easier.

We’ve been jogging since the beginning of this year and we’re up to about 24-30 miles a week (walk-run combination). It’s not the run of our 40 year old selves, but it’s steady and it feels great.

The other recommendation we both have, besides to stop eating meat and dairy, is go buy a pair of Skechers GoRun shoes. Definitely the lightest, most comfortable shoes either of us have ever worn.

Eat your plants.


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