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WHO report: Cancer rates set to skyrocket. Proper diet could eliminate 50% of cases; but what about the rest of the world?


WHO Report Suggests a Tidal Wave of Cancer Coming Soon.
WHO Report Suggests a Tidal Wave of Cancer Coming Soon.

The World Health Organisation published its World Cancer Report on Monday that warns of a“tidal wave” of cancer facing the world over the next 20 years.  The report focuses on the fact that much of the more than 24 million cases of Cancer anticipated worldwide in 2035 will be preventable. “Just stop smoking or over-eating, you gluttonous pig…” said the report.  (Okay maybe not exactly those words.)

But to a certain extent, that’s good news. It means we can prevent serious illness by reducing obesity, exercising and not polluting our bodies.

However, what about the billions of people who do not have a choice to live in polluting environments; who don’t have enough money to buy healthy food over a “Dollar Value Meal,” and whose education about food is usurped by unlimited advertising budgets and even government subsidies supporting poor food choices?

While half of future cancer cases will be preventable, that means 50% will not be.

Can we be doing more to rid the world of preventable death?

Fighting cancer isn’t all about personal lifestyle, but the environment we live in | The Raw Story.

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