45-Year-Old Man Self-Conscious, Embarrassed By New, Unexpected Changes in His Body.

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Truth in humor. When you hit your 40s, you can’t eat like your in your 20s.

PAOLI, PA—Worried that people will be staring at him everywhere he went, 45-year-old Harold Brauner was reportedly self-conscious and embarrassed Wednesday by the sudden, unexpected changes his body was going through.

Source: 45-Year-Old Man Self-Conscious, Embarrassed By New, Unexpected Changes His Body Going Through


Nurse, Vegan, Private Eye — A New Mystery Novel by M.E. Welman (my wife!).

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Gretchen Wickstrom feels a real nasty gloom cast over her life at the moment–and with good reason. Her best friend’s step father, Uncle Carl, has been run over the night he borrowed Gretchen’s car. Some incredibly enterprising thieves have stolen her identity and run up $107,000 worth of credit card bills–all in two months. And her condo has been vandalized beyond recognition with everything she owned, destroyed.

Someone, it seems, has it out for Gretchen.

The question of who’s been behind this becomes painfully clear when she and best friend, and former Sheriff’s deputy, Genevieve-Marie, stumble onto the carefully laid plan that will see Gretchen and her father dead in their graves.

The people behind three unsolved murders involving greed, extortion, blackmail and sex are much closer than Gretchen could have ever imagined.

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