Iowa Rep, Steve King, wants Feds to tell California how to mistreat chickens.

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Great (as always) piece from Steven Colbert last night covering everything that’s wrong with the factory farming industrial complex in just five hilarious minutes.

From the usually state’s rights, kool aid-drinking representative from Iowa, (R) Steve King, comes a proposed Federal bill to stop California from imposing its own law that all poultry sold in the state must be raised in crates measuring at least 200 square inches.

For some reason, King, who has accepted more than $1 million in political donations during his career from the agricultural, livestock and food processing industries, believes that 200 inches is simply too much “luxury” for chickens — enabling them the ability to simply turn around. In pointing out this ridiculousness, Colbert manages to also point out all the current abhorrent conditions of other animals, including the practice of adding animal remnants of other cows in the feed of livestock being raised for slaughter. ┬áNot only is that tragically reminiscent of “Soylent Green,” it also is a great way to transmit Mad-Cow disease, which is, we suppose, Karma, except that many victims are children.

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