Are you reading this today? Most people search for #health and #healthy on Mondays.

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Want to quit smoking, lose weight, get that “thing” on your arm check out finally at the doctor’s office. Most likely you’ll be planning all this on a Monday.

How do we know?

“The Google” of course.

Thanks to an article at The Atlantic comes word of a study to be published early next week (presumably on a Monday) in the American Journal of Preventive Medicinehealth-related Google searches peak on Monday and Tuesday and then decline throughout the rest of the week.

Want more proof. Visit your local health club gym on Friday evening… FINALLY, I don’t have to wait for a machine.

Not just a result of feeling guilty over the “Chicken Wing Massacre” you experienced over the weekend

Just like people tend to make healthy resolutions at New Year’s, one is tempted to believe that Monday morning health resolutions are based on similar feelings of renewal and, probably, guilt.

However, according to the study’s author, much of our Monday morning health considerations are actually based on our biological rhythms. Similar to our 24-hour circadian rhythm, what we call our “body’s clock,” apparently we also have a circaseptan rhythm that runs on a weekly schedule. This, allegedly explains why there are more heart attacks, strokes and even infectious diseases that emerge on Monday than any other day of the week.

Personally, we’re not so sure how much of that is our circaseptan “clock” or the fact that on Monday we tend to tense up after a relaxing weekend and that surge of stress probably is part of it. Part of our personal health regimen is to NOT have a job that causes undo stress on Monday, but that’s where we were most of our  life, which explains why our previous career ended in the emergency room.

Nonetheless, regardless of the reason, it’s clear that Monday’s are the best days to promote health awareness as more people are in tune  to the message, and this explains the relative success of programs like Meatless Monday’s.

So, for someone like us that specializes in helping people get and stay healthy, this is all great news. It means we only have to focus on marketing for 1 day a week!


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