Follow up: Brain Health & Exercise

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Last week, we reported on further research bolstering the theory that exercise does both the brain and the body good.

But how long does that effect last?

Not long, according to Researchers from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

In as little as a week of inactivity, rats who previously had been free to channel their inner Jillian Michaels, began losing the ability to generate new neurons in the hippocampus compared to rats that had stuck to their exercise regime. (The Hippocampus is where most of the work is done regarding short- and long-term memory…if my memory serves me correctly).

How much? By half.

That’s right, Rats who maintained their exercise regime were able to create twice as many new neurons in the hippocampus.

For those of us entering middle-age, and fear the onset of forgetfulness; especially since we still have to compete in the workforce with younger, nimbler, and apparently, more memorable recent grads who will work “for the experience!” this is proof we CAN do something about.

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